Thursday, 18 January 2018

Talesworth Arena

Talesworth Arena is a simple but comprehensive combat-oriented RPG with great graphics and audio using a setting that I could only describe as "renaissance-punk"

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The principal gameply consists of arena fights where defeating opponent will let you slowly level up and earn money that will give you access to new powers and abilities.

At the beggining of the game you will have to choose between three well defined classes : warrior, magic user and technology user. Each classes introduce some original mechanisms that modifies the gameplay in the arena part, like for examples having access to "interrupt" abilities.

You will also have to manage the interactions between all your abilities in order to launch the most efficient combos on your opponent.

A rather basic gameplay at first glance but the game itself is deeper than that. As you will be moving up the arena ladder, you will have scripted encounters on the city map that will advance and flesh out a captivating and well written story, which is Talesworth's main quality

The game can be finished rather quickly but do not understimate the time that you will have to invest in order to accomplish that.

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