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The Chimaera stones

The chimaera stones is the new episode of the Avael series and the sequel to Chronicles of Avael, prologue,Escape from dragonstone. So how does it compare to its predecessor? read more to find out.

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Avael, prologue was a good game but with many flaws, the most important being a short life and an impression of incompleteness.

Well things have been vastly improved here. First of all it doesn't feel like most of the features were left out. You can finally command more than one character in your party and you can choose from among several, very well thought out classes.

We are here in a very conventionnal fatasy setting, but everything is well done and works.

So how is the game?

Well I can't help but compare it to Baldur's gate, which is like some sort of reference when it comes to role playing games. And I must say that it compares rather well to Baldur's Gate 1.

Of course the adventure is a bit shorter (the whole game is less than 9 megabytes, which is like an achievement in data compression because the adventure doesn't feel that short). And they didn't have an army of artists to work for them and as such the art is much more limited than in the old classic.

But, The chimaera stones holds its ground and I must say that it wouldn't have been ridiculous back in 1998.

That said the game still suffer from the bad interface of the first game. The tooltip windows for example take ages before they appear.

More importantly I found a really bad combat bug toward the end of the game. A real show stopper, that made it impossible to move my characters at times(the combat just froze). Fortunately, this bug can be overcome by just shutting down completely the game, cklosing the flash player and reloading a save game. And let's be honest, I was expecting many more bugs for a game of this scope.

Actually , the more serious bug was once again a problem with the interface. Some of the game dialogs wouldn't appear during conversations (or maybe they would appear very briefly, or maybe the game would register more than one click on the "continue" button at once, I don't know... the result is that some of the dialog parts just don't appear).

But fortunately, none of these bugs really prevent the game from being finished, and what we end up with here is a very good and  professional start for a great roleplaying saga onthe PC. Let's just hope that the develloper will take the time to fix all the annoying quirks in the interface.

I'm impatiently waiting for the sequels!

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